wild life

Week in Pictures ‘17, Part 16

The weather is mostly nice, if temperamental. Everything but daffodils is in blossom. Daffodils have disappeared until next March. My personal duckling count remains at two. My personal gosling count remains at zero. On the other hand, I have massively progressed with Pokémon Go and my need to see tiny cute living creatures should really be satisfied.


Week in Pictures ’17, Part 0 (52)

2017 started with working on a number of resolutions I inherited from 2016. Running through the woods, admiring the scenery and hoping my phone is not about to die and taking pictures remains a possibility, I thought about this and that. ‘This’ included finally doing a half-marathon, and ‘that’ stood for all the books I should read and a couple that I should write. I have got big plans for you, 2017. Bring it on.

Bringing it on is sponsored by excessive schedules, perseverance, matcha lattes, friends, Protestant work ethic, and kindness — towards yourself, the others, and the world.