the thirty-eight

Week in Pictures ’17, Part 4

In retrospect, this week has been a half-conscious attempt at self-care and quiet calm. What is happening in the world — in America, with Trump giving out Executive Orders for all things evil, in Russia, with the Parliament decriminalising domestic violence, in Canada, with a deadly attack on a mosque etc. — is so devastatingly horrible that a need for a safe space, physical and mental, becomes real. To quote my tweet, ‘I never had to work this hard on suspension of disbelief when reading the news before. Fuck this shit.’


Week in Pictures ’16, Part 47

November in Oxford can be bright, but also gloomy and dreary if it is raining, with the cold seeping through coats and wet shoes, inside your pockets, into your soul, until it reaches the embarrassing childhood secrets. To prevent that from happening, the locals have mastered the art of layering, piling on up to four types of tweed. Alternatively, one can plan their route to never stray too far from a pub, which in Oxford comes naturally.