Cocktail Suggestions

Day 47: Homemade Cocktails

This account is a part of the Summer Adventures ‘17 project, my attempt to try something new every day from June 1st to August 31st, while keeping a record of those experiences. Started as a way to commit the summer to memory, the project has quickly evolved into a visual diary, with a side of research and poorly executed jokes. Knock knock.

Since Mondays have been conventionally accepted as the worst time of one’s studying or working life, the trick to get through them unscathed is in dangling a metaphorical carrot before your own face. (Here I have a vision of a baseball cap with an actual carrot attached to it via a miniature fishing rod. So fetch.) The prospect of an enjoyable activity — something to look forward to although the weekend is gone — improves one’s mood, balance, chakra alignment, and the ability to speak extinct languages. Napoleon and the Brain spent Mondays planning world invasion, and Helen of Troy would reserve the hour before EastEnders for looking at her own reflection.

When I was studying at the University of Helsinki I would sometimes get hours-long gaps between the lectures; on Mondays I tried to use those breaks for daytime cinema showings. Ah, to be watching Kick-Ass at a lowered price in an almost empty theatre.

Now that I am a regular office bee with a schedule that honours Dolly Parton, daytime showings are inaccessible — yet, there are other ways to amuse oneself. One of the better recipes includes socialising and drink, and the two combined beautifully when a friend proposed meeting for cocktails.

The Bar

Oxford is a fitting location for an alcoholic— Let me start again.

Oxford has many renowned pubs, cocktail bars, and even a couple of wine cafés. This time, however, for reasons of purely financial nature, we decided to stay in and mix the drinks ourselves. The downside of such a decision is that our cocktail options were somewhat limited. The upside was in the fact that each mix could be customised according to the exact preference of each person in attendance. There was some very strong Raspberry Fizz going around.

The two explicitly named cocktails of the night were the aforementioned Raspberry Fizz and Becky’s variation of Cosmopolitan. There was some port and rogue bellinis, as well as gin and tonic’s, too. If one wanted, one could drink herself silly, but we were on a tight schedule as the new series of Game of Thrones was premiering later in the night, and some people have got their priorities all wrong.

Altogether, homemade cocktails proved to be so much of a success that we have already agreed on two more evenings of girl talk over pretty glasses. Such is, I believe, the addictive nature of friendship.

Current album: Fleet Foxes, Crack-Up
Current book: Agatha Christie, The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Current TV series: Quantum Leap, Series 2 (1989–1990)

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